​​​  CHASER 5

  Real Name : Niel Riggs

  Height : 5' 5

  Age : ​14





​​​  CHASER 6

  Real Name : Alicia Pollard

 Height : 5' 7

  Age : 19


​​​  CHASER 2 

 Real Name : Marcus Lattimore

  Height :6 '4

  Age : 20

Alicia was just a little younger than Marcus, quiet and reserved but welcomed and loved within the group. Alex always saw her like a sister and watched her back.

Powers and Abilities : Alicia was granted possibly one of  the unique powers from the experiments. She seems to have absorbed the alien orb power, in turn changing her body into pure voral power. She appears as she used to but when her power starts to ramp up, her skin she starts to glow and shows more of her power. She can manipulate the energy into weapons, shields, etc. Alica's shy and timid nature keeps her devastating power controlled, but also hinders her from releasing it's full potential. 

Marcus was the second oldest when he entered the foster system and instantly became good friends with Alex. After the experiments, Marcus would often seek his advice of Alex in moral decisions. He saw Alex as an honest and pure hearted person. Marcus struggles to veil his feelings for Chelsea. He attempts to refrain Chelsea from clouding his judgment, however sometimes the heart prevails.

Powers and Abilities : Marcus has control over earth elements  and can turn into any form of rock on the planet. In a diamond, emerald or ruby form, if Marcus is shattered he is able reform in seconds.


 Real Name : Chelsea Blanchett

  Height : 5' 6

  Age : 18

Chelsea is the second youngest of the group and little more unpredictable than the rest. She knows how Marcus feels about her, but after the experiment she decides they can't be together while the mutants are infesting the whole world.

Powers and Abilities : Chelsea's physical structure has been fused with an unknown alien metal, the same similar to O'Beast. She can manipulate her body structure to mimic any animal in metallic form she can think of.

​​​  CHASER 3

  Real Name : Alex Gardner

  Height : 6 '1

  Age : 21

Niel is the youngest of the group and always the comedian. He usually tries to lighten the mood when Alex and Zander start arguing.Niel was dropped at the orphanage after he was born and never found his parents. He was scared and disoriented after the experiments until he realized what his powers were.

Powers and Abilities : ​Niel can control nuclear energy within his body. It can also extend around him and he can sense it. He is able to shoot nuclear rays from his hands, eyes and can also use it as a shield.

Alex grew up in the foster system with his brother Zander. Alex was always seen as the leader of the group, and being the oldest had it's perks and downfalls. Zander was never fully comfortable with Alex being the leader, but majority ruled.

Powers and Abilities : After the experiment Alex was given tendrils. He can use them like whips, as well as to grab and swing to areas he can't normally reach. His tendrils can morph straight like a spear ; they are made of the same indestructible metal that O'Beast body is made from. Alex can also phase through solid matter.