Written by  Ryan Cady

Pencils by  Romano Molenaar

Colored by  Blond

Inker by  Julien Hugonnard-Bert

Cover by  Jomaro Kindred, Jaime Mendoza, Blond

Published by  Be Amazed Studios 

Genre  Superhero

Page Count  24

Price  $10.00

Mutant Chasers #1


Jomaro Kindred / Blond

Price  $18.00

Virgin Cover 


Paul Green

Mutant Chasers #2 original cover

Mutant Chasers Issue #2 preview   


Regular Cover  24 pages

Price  $20.00


Ken Lashley 

Variant Cover 

Mutant Chasers #2 Ken Lashley

Years ago one of the leading russian scientists by the name of Dr. Afanasy Ryckoff made the discovery of a lifetime, an alien orb of immense power. The Russians denied Dr. Ryckoff the freedom he needed to conduct  experiments, and so the  proposition fell to America. It was agreed that Dr. Ryckoff would bring America new technology in exchange for solitude.

Time passed but Dr. Rycoff would not touch the orb, afraid of what it might do. Through his experiments he realized that the orb was not only power itself, but also gave power in the form of mutations. With the extensive exposure to the orb, Dr. Ryckoff noticed he was changing. His thought process quickening, ideas flowing like never before, and his general intellect was rising exponentially.

​However during his experiments there was an accident, an explosion of power, which mangled the lower half of his arms and leaving him unable to continue his research. His crew of scientists under his instructions, made replacement arms consisting of the strongest metals, outfitted with mechanical hands, as well as other hidden attributes.

​Through his experiments he came to realize that there was a mutation happening in every human's DNA, some progressing more than others. One day he found out that the orb itself magnifies the mutation and brings it out of the person. His results showed those with special DNA seemed ready to accept the mutation, thus fusing with a power and making them significantly stronger. Others who are not so lucky reject the mutation, and either die horribly or live a twisted life stuck in a hideous deformation.

After discovering this trait, Dr. Ryckoff hunted for the individuals to form a perfect army. He wanted to start them young, to let them adjust to a life of loneliness to ensure they will welcome him in. Six perfect candidates, their parents all aware of their inherent powers. He studied and waited for the right moment, kidnapping each of them. His death squads followed to kill their parents, ensuring nothing could lead back to him. These select six kids were placed into a fake foster home, under his watch, waiting for them to grow and eventually accept the experiment.

Dr. Ryckoff, better known as Scientec after his accident, began running his experiments using the orb on the kids. He was amazed at their bodies' acceptance of the powers, inheriting the abilities of their parents, but also magnifying greatly. He wanted them to be chasers, his ace in the hole, and the squad that would reinforce his army. All but one of them fled, Zander brother of Alex took Scientec's side while the rest of them ran. Ironic, they were meant to be chasers and are now the chased. 

Written by Sam Wallace and Be Amazed Studios


Issue #2 


Mutant Chasers #2 Paul Green Variant